2018 Soul Calling Guidance

Benefits of Soul Guidance


  • More confident/self esteem

  • Feel more balanced

  • Find Answers to pressing questions

  • Develop more meaning in your life

  • Tap into your passion and purpose

  • Experience Increased vitality

  • Attract like minded people into your life

  • Feeling more in control of your life

  • Stronger connection to life and source

  • Feel more loved

If you have not booked your LIVE session with Teri, once payment is made you will receive a follow up email or  phone call to make arrangements.  Thank YOU!

2021 Soul Calling Guidance

Every year I have offered a select group of people a peek into the New Year by tuning into the voice of the soul and sharing at least three words with insight that may have meaning for them in the new year. This year I am sharing this offering with everyone on my list!

With all the "busy-ness" of life, the distractions and noise, sometimes it's difficult to tune in, to really hear what the voice of your soul is telling you.  Let me give you a dose of love by taking a minute to tune in on your behalf.


At the core of our being lies our soul   As we move through life, sometimes we are so distracted by the stimuli of daily living that we tune out the voice of our true self. 


Your soul is calling, are you listening?

Through the shamanic journey process, I tune in to your soul’s essence, offering compassionate witnessing, to hear your higher self’s wisdom, asking that I receive three words and insight for you to take with you into 2019.  At some time, more than likely before and shortly after our birth, we all knew exactly what we needed to live a fulfilling life and walk in love. My goal is to help YOU connect to that knowing.  I am NOT a healer - I am simply a facilitator for you to heal yourself.

This is a remote session only and includes my holding a shamanic journey on your behalf and sharing some insight for you to take into the new year.  Within 48 hours of receiving your payment of $35.00,  I will seek guidance and email you the guidance received.


Ready to hear the wisdom of your soul?

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2021 Soul Calling
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