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40 Day Journey Meditation Challenge

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Benefits of Impeccable Soul Care


  • Deeper sense of love for self and others

  • Connects you to your inner creatress

  • Brings inner Calm

  • Stress reduction

  • Emotional release

  • Improved immune system

  • Increased Energy

  • Supports positive thinking

  • Lessens heart/brain problems

  • Better Information Processing

The Sessions

​Session 1 - Introduction Shamanic Journey and Journaling, Setting your intention for Soul Care

Session 2 - Ritual and Ceremony

Session 3 - Creative Expression

Session 4 - Movement and Shifting

Session 5 - Elements of Your Soul

Session 6 - Integration, Energy Work and closing thoughts

40 Day Journey Meditation Challenge
A 40 day challenge for tapping into your
souls voice and enhancing your life
~Are you listening to your own inner voice?
~Do you tune into the wisdom of your soul?
~How are you in alignment with your own truth?
~Are you practicing daily?

Are you ready to live life more in tune with your souls truth?


If you answered YES to any of those questions then the 40 Day Journey Meditation Challenge is for YOU - unlock the benefits by registering today!

What is the 40 Day Journey Meditation Challenge?

First, let me answer the question: What is a Journey Meditation?


A Journey is form of meditation and connection that has been practiced a by mystics for ions.  In the Journey, one engages the mind, the imagination, for healing, insight, and wisdom, through 

By incorporating simple practices, rituals and new habits into your life on a daily basis, you have the ability to elevate and uplift your soul, to be more in alignment with your true nature. These practices, ideas, or habits include two constant thoughts for every action:  We are creation itself therefore we are creative and What you focus on multiplies

Once we realize these truths we can begin introducing practices that severely reduce the effects that false narratives, stress, trauma, distraction and unhealthy choices have on our lives.  Instead, offering it all to the Divine/God/Creation. That becomes our focus.


Incorporating these practices is an ART - a creative expression of empowering our soul - The ART of Impeccable Soul Care. 

$120 - includes six (6) weekly sessions

Begins October 2022 - 6:30 pm ET

We meet for one hour a week

All sessions recorded

We will begin this workshop with a deeper understanding of our soul self as well as the effects of trauma, preconditioning, stress and change have over our lives, with particular focus on the necessity of creating Soul Care, or  self care, practices, rituals or routines, in our lives to maintain good health for our bodies, spirit, mind and soul.

The soul is the essence of every being that is not "physical".  It is the energetic makeup of who we are. Many believe that the soul is like a current of light that has traveled lifetimes and is a spark from creation. Every soul is as unique as the stars. YOUR soul deserves impeccable care.  Don't think you are creative?  Guess again...YOU are creation itself - whereby you are inherently creative.  


Stress is change - everything is always changing and moving. Simply put stress is our response, physically and emotionally, to certain changes that happen in day to day life. Sometimes it’s good stress and sometimes it’s bad stress.  When those changes are extreme and prolonged, fearful and painful, it can be deadly.  With practice, these Soul Care techniques can create a greater sense of overall well-being.

Relaxation/meditation techniques and clean, healthy living have been part of my daily life for years. My first experience with a formal training in meditative and energy healing techniques was over 25 years ago.  

It instantly left me with a feeling of inner peace.

As my practice deepened, I learned several other teachings,

incorporating them into my life on a regular practice -

what I call the Art of Impeccable Soul Care!

Today, the foundation of my practice is built on the Shamanic teachings and a tool practiced by shamans all over the world called a journey. A shamanic journey is deep meditation or inner consultation where one uses their imagination or creative visualization to connect with inner self or helping spirits. 

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$120 - includes six (6) weekly sessions

Begins Monday, October 2022 - 6:30 pm ET

We meet for one hour a week

All sessions recorded

"This series really hit the mark for me.  Teri doesn't just share tips and tools, she shares herself.

She brings into your awareness the necessity of taking care of YOU and YOUR SOUL first!

This series was so wonderful, I'm taking it again!"  GF, Ireland


The teachings in this class include: an introduction to the Shamanic Journey as a form of meditation, soul Journaling , a Creative Expression practice, a Daily Ritual practice, a Movement Practice and an Element Practice, plus a 1-minute mindfulness technique designed to help you instantly reduce your stress level and connect with Divine Creation, no matter what's happening around you! You'll connect with women from all over the world who are willing and ready to shift their energies and expand their soul's capacity to thrive, supporting and honoring you along the way!

Studies have shown that even as little as 5 minutes a day spent in a meditative or quiet state can have profound impact on many areas of your life and levels of your body/mind/soul. 


Sara Lazar, Neuroscientist with Massachusetts General Hospital and Professor at Harvard Medical School, has studied the tremendous benefits of meditation and yoga.  Lazar says, "meditation can literally change your brain". 


She adds, "if all you can do is just a little bit every day, that’s a good thing, too." 

Whether you have been meditating, journeying and practicing soul care for years or are new to the concepts, you will find something in this workshop to elevate your life - to come back to again and again!


With practice, the  The Art of Impeccable Soul Care, techniques and rituals may severely reduce your personal stress levels and elevate your soul so that you may live a life more in tune with your soul's true nature, the essence of joy and love.

$120 - includes six (6) weekly one sessions

Begins Monday, October 2022 - 6:30 pm ET

We meet for one hour a week

All sessions recorded

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Once you have registered for the Art of Impeccable Soul Care    Workshop you will receive an email with ZOOM links and additional instructions. PDF's and links to handouts will be provided for some modules.

We will meet once a week, at a pre-selected time, for just over an hour.  All sessions will be recorded so don't worry if you miss one!  

If you have any additional questions feel free to email: teri (@)  My assistant or I will respond within 24 hours.

Important note: No manual, home study course, event or workshop training program will ever be totally complete; there will always be more to learn. Our intention is simply to help you begin the journey.  Where you end up, depends on you!

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