Andean Cosmolgy Energy Clearing


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Andean Cosmology based Energy Clearing and Empowerment

Andean Based Shamanic Energy Clearing and Empowerment
by Teri Williams of Soul Practices

Clearing your energy field, your personal bubble, your aura as many traditions may call it, of any dense, unwanted energy. The Andean Shamans call this undesirable energy “hucha”. We’ll begin by calling in the finest energies from the ethers, the cosmos, releasing the hucha to the earth (for her healing and recycling).

This energetic practice includes releasing the “hucha”, cords, dense energies ending with filling our light body with the purest energies of light, love and empowerment.

You can come back to this meditation over and over or begin your own practice with wording that makes the most sense to you! When I first experienced this meditation I practiced it for 30 days in a row.  Today, I infuse many elements into my morning practice and when feeling distracted or detached return here in my mind!

Thank YOU....  May you know a sense of deep peace and love!

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Andean Cosmolgy Based Energy Clearing meditation