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What I learned from the Fuel Leadership Detroit 2016 conference. Sharing information is one of the things I do best. As a self proclaimed "Soulcial Connector" it only made sense that the results of the Stand Out Assessment test I took, after attending Fuel Detroit's 2016 Leadership conference, were "Influencer and Advisor". Today I share more than those results. I'm sharing the top 6 things I learned from the event. After you read them, I hope you mark your calendar for next year. It's worth the time spending the day listening to the wisdom of some of today's top leaders and networking with like minded business people and entrepreneurs. "Focus on the thing you can control and leave the

Shamans and the journey

What is a shaman? A Shaman is a person who interacts with both the physical and spiritual world. Typically they connect with benevolent spirits and guides to assist in healing and ritual. The shaman navigates between invisible and visible worlds (ordinary and non-ordinary reality) for healing, messages, tracking and soul work. They work for the highest good – restoring harmony to individuals, animals, communities and the planet. The shaman does most of their work in what is called a “shamanic journey”. What is a Shamanic Journey? What is a journey? A journey, in the most basic terms, is a form of deep meditation or inner consultation where one uses their imagination or creative visualizati

5 things I learned from "The Life You Want - Detroit" with Oprah

Covering Oprah's "Life You Want Tour – Detroit” in 2014 for Soulful Living on Empower Radio and Simple Steps Real Change was an incredible honor. People from all over the country came to The Palace of Auburn Hills to hang out with Oprah and her friends in the hopes of learning a little more about living life to the fullest. We had the opportunity to meet people from all over the country including Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, and California. We even connected with OWN President Erik Logan. On the way in I mentioned to my assistant, aka my daughter, how incredibly detailed the logistics must be to successfully pull off an event of this magnitude – the details are endless. Being the one that’s “a

7 foods that elevate your soul (and reduce stress and curb your hunger)

Let's face it, any upset in our lives can cause tension, anxiety, and worry which can drive some of us to eat. Reach for the foods that work with you instead of against you. Binge on these 7 foods that are proven to increase your joy quotient, reduce the symptoms of anxiety/stress and support your overall well-being. Dark Chocolate MMMM… Chocolate – lots of relaxing properties and natural mood enhancers like flavonoids, phenethylamine and manganese; the darker the better. Research suggests that dark chocolate may lower levels of stress hormones. Chocolate also contains sugar (a carbohydrate), so it releases mood-improving serotonin. Oatmeal Oatmeal is a healthy carb and great source of fi

10 ways decrease your stress and increase your joy

Let go of things you cannot change. Take 3 deep breaths when stressed and think of something or someone that brings you peace and joy. Meditate, walk in nature. Keep a gratitude journal that you write in every night. (How you go to bed is how you get up.) Write your intention for the day on an index card in the morning stating what you will bring to the day. (Example: “I intend to be a source of peace to everyone I come in contact with today.”) Remind yourself when people are acting up; it is because they are suffering themselves. Everyday do something that gives you pleasure. Stand in your truth. On an index card write out a coping statement that resonates with you to be kept in your wallet

9 ways to ignite your creative spark

Every now and then even the most creative of us fall into what can seem like a deep dark void where not even the slightest spark ignites our creative essence. Whether you are a writer, painter, sculptor, composer sometimes you hit a wall. What can you do when you feel yourself hurling into the space of “nothingness?” When I find myself slipping into a creative funk I stop, breathe, and gently give myself permission to simply be. At times when I am forced to move on, because of deadlines and commitments I take a look at this list, choosing at least one or two to practice. (OK sometimes all of them) Generally speaking, after running through this list, an idea has sparked and the flame begins

Change brings opportunity

Sometimes change brings more opportunities than we can possibly imagine. When we are deep in the middle of change sometimes we can’t see where the opportunity lies. The process may seem daunting and fearful. How can we stay open to change instead of fighting against it? Here are 8 ways to embrace change and make it work for you! Take baby steps. Make small changes. Break big changes into small steps. For example: if you are moving, plan ahead by packing early in 30 minute segments – start in one area and pack for 30 minutes. Making slight progress makes you feel much better. Stay flexible and go with the flow. Be like the tide. Sometimes it’s high, sometimes it’s low but it’s always

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Heartbeat of Humanity

Heartbeat of Humanity Meditation created in First Person to make it easier for others to internalize and make their own.  Radiating love and light to all!

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