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(photo credit: One of the most important aspects of “Soulcial Living” is inspiring humanity, even in the smallest of ways. I am the youngest of six children, born in the city of Detroit and raised in one of the bordering communities. My father was the bread-winner and my mother was the bread maker. Both came from humble beginnings and never missed an opportunity to teach us the meaning of “giving back to humanity." We are all connected. What we do affects everyone and everything on the planet. To live “Soulcially” means we recognize that connection and honor all of life by doing what we can to serve and empower others. Below are 14 ways to “show up” for humani

Message from Mama Robin

For the last 10 days or so my family has been awed by a mama robin sitting on her eggs outside our dining room window. She is the first thing we look at when the sun comes up and the last thing we check before the sun goes down. Every now and then her mate does a fly by. He’ll come and perch on the side of the nest so she can take a short break. It blows my mind how instinctively this process works for them, and really most of nature. This morning, during my morning meditation, I began to imagine a conversation she and I might have. During this conversation she shared a few words of wisdom that I think we could all benefit from, if only we chose to practice. We have heard these words sai

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Heartbeat of Humanity

Heartbeat of Humanity Meditation created in First Person to make it easier for others to internalize and make their own.  Radiating love and light to all!

Click HERE for PDF and click the player button below to listen

Heartbeat of Humanity - Teri Williams
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