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A year of being “vegan” - you can't beet it After watching the movie “Cowspiracy” one year ago my husband and I opted to eat a 100% plant-based diet. We had tried eating vegetarian, paleo, even a raw diet and yet something wasn’t right for us. So...we joined the ranks of those who call themselves a vegan, something both of us had always said no to, with comments like: “Oh, I could never go vegan, it’s too hard!” “Give up cheese for the rest of my life, no way!” “What would we possibly eat!” “Eating vegan is so expensive!” Well, I’m here to tell you: It’s not hard, anymore. Cheese (all dairy) was wreaking havoc on my body, anyway! As an awesome cook, there’s plenty of delicious food to eat!

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Heartbeat of Humanity

Heartbeat of Humanity Meditation created in First Person to make it easier for others to internalize and make their own.  Radiating love and light to all!

Click HERE for PDF and click the player button below to listen

Heartbeat of Humanity - Teri Williams
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