Post Election Traumatic Stress Disorder

PETSD - It's real! Over the last 90 days we, as a country, have experienced more election stress than I have ever witnessed. Personally, I have heard close friends and family members resort to vile language and physical intimidation tactics to get their point across. It has triggered a gamut of emotional responses from my own past traumas and includes the awareness of the traumatic experiences of my ancestors. Now that the election is over, we face a new kind of stress – Post Election Traumatic Stress Disorder - PETSD. Wherever you sit along the party lines you have felt the uneasiness of this unprecedented election. What is stress? Stress is change and because everything is always changi

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Heartbeat of Humanity

Heartbeat of Humanity Meditation created in First Person to make it easier for others to internalize and make their own.  Radiating love and light to all!

Click HERE for PDF and click the player button below to listen

Heartbeat of Humanity - Teri Williams
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