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Celebrate who you are with a ritual that supports your soul self! A ritual is a set of actions with symbolic value; in this case, the ritual is symbolic of the sacredness of YOU. When we are in the throes of life, of transformation and transition, the rituals we create and practice on a daily basis can sometimes be the only way we find grounding and balance. You are a magnificent being and so worthy of creating practices that supports your inner self, your soul. What can you do as a ritual for you? Create a simple practice of celebrating who you are at the beginning and end of each day. Here’s a particular ritual that works for me: AM - lighting a candle, taking a deep bow to the world, si

Gratitude - #1 soul care practice

Live with Gratitude - Count your BLISSINGS! Being grateful, is, in my mind, the most important element of living a soul inspired life. I call the act of developing a regular practice honoring our soul self The Art of Impeccable Soul Care. When we practice living with gratitude every day we begin to see the positives in life and they begin to multiply. In a moment, we are gently reminded that maybe we don’t have it as bad as the person on the street or our neighbor or our co-worker. There is much in this world to be grateful for – the miracle of life is a wonderful place to start. I live in the US. We are in the midst of summer and there is so much life to behold right now - flowers, birds,

Sacred Space

Do you have a sacred space? Somewhere to be with YOU? To practice? To connect? To create? For me, a sacred space represents someplace that I can have a clear connection to whatever my intention might be. It can range anywhere from holding a ritual or ceremony to creating and connecting for my work. Weather permitting my sacred space is in my yard. I love to work back here, meditate back here, simply be back here - surrounded by all of the things I love, listening to the birds with my furry companions at my feet. Creating a sacred space is very personal. If you don’t already have a space I suggest closing your eyes, visualize a place in nature or a space where you feel safe and comfortable,

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Heartbeat of Humanity

Heartbeat of Humanity Meditation created in First Person to make it easier for others to internalize and make their own.  Radiating love and light to all!

Click HERE for PDF and click the player button below to listen

Heartbeat of Humanity - Teri Williams
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