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Soul Centered Circles

~ Are you feeling anxious?

~ Disconnected?

~ Lacking direction or motivation?

You are not alone!  We are at a time in our lives where the outside world seems disheveled, maybe even chaotic. 

Women in particular, seem to be struggling to find their voice, to be seen and heard.


Through the practice of the journey, through drumming and sound, through gathering in circle, we can find inner connection, strength and direction.   This includes connecting with benevolent souls, who ONLY want us to thrive and survive.

I call them my "Cosmic Council". Everyone has the ability to connect in with these benevolent helpers! 

Soul Practice Circles are a place where you can feel seen, heard and revered.  

Come join us!


Journey Meditation Circles

Connecting with your cosmic council

Shamanic journeying is an ancient form of what I think of as engaged meditation, practiced in communities around the globe. 



We gather together, setting an intention for our selves and the group.  We then practice at least one journey together.  Those that choose will have time to share their experience. 


No Journey experience necessary although watching my journey videos is suggested.   

Next Circle - November, 2023

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Women's Circles

A gathering for soul care

A community of women that offers inner and outer support in a kind, compassionate way, facilitated by those whose only mission is to honor you, supporting your soul's growth.


This circle includes a ceremony or ritual as well as at least one journey.  We set an intention to connect with our own cosmic council for insight and wisdom based upon the topic of the month.

Next circle - October, 2023

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Soul Practices drum circles are a combination of shamanic teachings, free form drumming and community rhythmic events, that include a healing intention or shamanic journey. 

Whether you have been drumming your whole life or have never picked up a drum before you have the ability to drum in circle with anyone. 

For more information on events and sessions 
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