Compassionate Shamanic Circles


  • Deeper sense of love for self and others

  • Group support

  • Stress reduction

  • Networking

  • Improved immune system

  • Increased Energy

  • Supports positive thinking

  • Reciprocity

  • Idea Sharing

  • Better Information Processing

Fresh - Whole
Plant - Based Foods 
no animal products!​

Important note: No manual, home study course or even workshop training program will ever be totally complete; there will always be more to learn. Our intention is simply to help you begin the journey.  


Where you end up, depends on you!

Join me in this unique experience designed to help you live life more in tune with your souls truth by practicing the Shamanic Journey as a meditation in circle with others and leaning into (or jumping in fully)  a 100% plant based/vegan  life - Impeccable Soul Care!

As a practicing shaman I realize on a deep level that I need to be around a community of like minded individuals on a regular basis and that many of you feel the need for deep connection, as well, maybe now more than ever.  It is my honor to create and hold a space for these connections to blossom, while sharing  compassionately sourced food.

Next Circle: 
POTLUCK - We will provide main dish
10 am - noon
 $20 per person
800 Hilton, Ste. 2, Ferndale, MI

My intention with this circle is to create an environment that honors all life and all paths, sharing what works for me, in the hopes that a deep sense of community will expand.
After following many eating plans, including vegetarian and raw, my husband and I fully embraced the whole foods/plant based life. For three years I have lived the vegan life while eating nutritional, delicious foods. What does that mean?  It means that I do not eat any animal products, that my food is nutritionally sound and the items I purchase are animal free and responsibly sourced. I have learned to create easy, delicious foods that feed the heart and soul.  I'll be sharing these foods at our gatherings!

I have created a Facebook Group page for all who are interested in joining the circle.  On the page I have posted videos, links and information about both the shamanic journey and plant based living.  You don't have to be a shamanic practitioner to join nor do you need to be living a plant based lifestyle - you simply need to be open, with reverence and respect for all life. 
We will begin each circle with an introduction, then move into the journey's, share, and eat - all food for the soul! 

Cost is $20 per session, includes a plant-based lunch as well as a recording of the guided journey/meditation!

Click the Reserve your space button below!  I look forward to seeing you on the journey!

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