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Group - Shamanic Rebirth

GROUP - Shamanic Rebirth
via ZOOM


The Shamanic Re-birthing ZOOM ONLY Session is an Andean Q'ero Cosmology based experience wherein you and the practitioner work together to move through the experiences of your life, releasing or unhooking any connection to loss, trauma, or other experiences that have created energetic blocks and suffering, moving all they way back to your birth.


If you are feeling:
  • Sense of deep loss of self

  • Anxious

  • Frustrated

  • Confuesed

  • Job loss

  • Wounded

  • Panic Attacks

  • Helplessness

  • Loss of loved one

  • Loss of self control

Then Shamanic Re-Birthing
is for you!

In a this CALL we connect in as a group where I give a detailed explanation of what the Andean Q'ero Cosmology practice of Shamanic Re-Birthing is, and how the process works. The Andean's work with the Living Energy, the infinite, pure energies of the universe, reveling in joy! I will gently guide you in consciously seeing yourself through the eyes of love.  Although we gather as a group, every Shamanic Re-birthing session is unique, as we are working with YOUR soul and spirit. The phone is muted so you are in a sacred space of your own with yourself, your guides and your own intention.


From an energetic perspective our spirit and soul can be blocked from moving forward freely, living to our true potential, the full expression of our soul self. Generally, this energetic loss or density happens during highly stressful and traumatic experiences:  death, accident or physical trauma, birth, family history, depression, lost memories, job loss, etc.   When the stuck energies are transformed, you revisit your conception and your essence is filled with the most refined energies, you feel a new sense of joy and renewal, a sense of rebirth.  

Group Shamanic ReBirthing Sessions are $35

(Join the call even if you can't make it  - you will receive a recording!)

Similar to a Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Re-birthing is needed now more than ever before in history. This is NOT a soul retrieval.  This is an energetic practice that you participate in and can return to over and over again.  We are so distracted by the on-goings of everything around us, the instant gratification of a fast paced society, that we are continuously disconnecting from self and others. Why are so many people turning to alternative practices if this weren't the case?

As important as the Shamanic Re-birthing is the integration process after the session - giving yourself time and space to integrate the new sense of self into your spirit. Allow yourself time to celebrate the beautiful soul that you are and the re-connection to your birth guide and your soul self. Integration for you may be as simple as walking in nature or may include other healing modalities, even visiting a physician or other professional.

Benefits of Shamanic Re-birthing
  • Relief

  • Feeling more balanced

  • Deeper connection to self and others

  • Emotionally stronger

  • Increased vitality

  • Less restless

  • More joy

  • Stronger sense of self control

  • Solid connection to source


In general, I create a sacred space to work in, using many different tools or symbols of our connection to creation, aligning myself with the purest energies of the cosmos, the Divine.  We will have a conversation and I walk you through an empowering energetic cleansing (cleaning our energy body like we clean the house). Then I will guide you through a process of sensing  life experiences that you are holding onto energetically, moving all the way back to your birth, and beyond, creating a new sense of LOVE to bring back with you in the present moment. You are given time to relish the moment and connect deeply to the feeling of renewal and rejuvenation.

At the completion of the session, you are filled with the empowering light of creation and Earth.  We then allow time for sharing of the experience, if desired, and closing thoughts on what's next.  A celebration is encouraged as you move closer into a sense of wholeness.


Group Soul ReBirthing session is $35 and can be purchased by clicking the 

Reserve your group session NOW! button below.

Session is 60 minutes and includes a recording of the call. 

Once you have reserved our space on the call you will receive complete call in instructions via email.  Register even if you can't make the call  - you will receive a recording of the call to listen at  your convenience, over and over again!


Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  

Bowing to you, I thank you for being on the planet!

The most important piece is being open, with a willingness to see yourself as a beautiful energetic soul, filled with love and light!



For those of you who cannot make the call or are interested in a private Shamanic Re-birth session based upon Andean Cosmology, please visit my Shamanic Re-birth page to schedule a session or schedule a complimentary Discovery Call today!

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