Monthly Oracle Circle and  Oracle Card Giveaway

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Benefits of Oracle Circles


  • Learning to trust your intuition 

  • Deeper sense of love for self and others

  • Group support

  • Stress reduction

  • Networking

  • Connect to  your authentic self

  • Expand your connection to the Divine

  • Supports positive thinking

  • Grounds us in the present moment

  • Deepens our awareness of an expansive universe



Oracle Circle and Oracle Deck Giveaway


Do you love oracle cards?  Are you tired of small talk and fluffy parties? Do you want to add some mystical woo to the mix when you hang out with your friends and colleagues?

Join Shamanic Mentor, Energy Practitioner and Soul Practices founder, Teri Williams and Shamanic Practitioner, Rose Deveson for another “Oracle Circle” - MAY 2021 – A celebration of The Oracle Deck, inspired by THE ORACLE, Colette Baron-Reid, world-renowned Intuitive Counselor and more!

(Colette has been a guest on Teri’s show, Soulful Living on Empower Radio

three times! She is an amazing intuitive and mystic.)

Oracle Circle and Giveaway
May 2021

Teri and Rose have been passionate about Oracle Cards for more than 25 years!  Both have enough decks to line a few shelves of the local bookstore.  Both are fascinated by the “OMG” and “AHA” moments that they hear regularly when interacting with The Oracle Cards either for themselves, friends, or clients!

Everyone who attends this circle will get a one card mini reading and have the chance to win the "Crystal Spirits Oracle Deck"!

In our last group we celebrated our beloved teachers work, Colette Baron-Reid with her "Crystal Spirits Oracle Deck".  This is a 58 card deck with a companion guide book. We will also be giving away TWO decks at our next gathering.

We all LOVE having our cards read! Teri and Rose use Oracle Decks every day in some way, shape or form – even if it’s as simple as a “thought for the day”.

Be excited to see what cards are pulled and witness the reactions to what is being revealed as we gather in circle, share a group message and move around the circle offering individual messages one on one to everyone in the circle. 

Everyone who attends this circle will get a one card mini reading

and have the chance to win the "Crystal Spirits Oracle Deck"!

Oracle Cards help navigate you from a place of uncertainty to one of clarity and knowing which allows you to reflect on your choices from a place of inspired wisdom to confidently make the decisions that shape your life.

You don’t have to be an expert at Oracle readings or have the cards all figured out, you just need to begin by reading the guidebook, with an open, receptive connection to the divine!

Important note: No manual, home study course, session, event or workshop training program will ever be totally complete; there will always be more to learn. Our intention is simply to help you begin the journey.  


Where you end up, depends on you!