Benefits of Podcasting
  • Share expertise

  • Teach a subject

  • Gain knowledge and insight

  • Build a community

  • Develop your brand

  • Build better relationships with community

  • Improve public speaking skills

  • Develop influential relationships

  • Hosting a podcast is FUN!

Podcast Advisory Session

If you are on line you have heard of ITunes, IHeart Radio Empower Radio, or one of the other audio hubs available for easy listening of any genre or educational arena you are interested in.  Why couldn't one of those shows be yours?


If you are inspired to share your passion through podcasting I can help you from start to finish.


As a regular host of one of the hottest new online radio networks for over 6 years now, I can tell you from experience that Podcasts work.  You may not become a household name or a gazillionaire, but your business will grow and your life will change in ways you may have never dreamed of.


A podcast is a digital audio file that is created for the purpose of being available on line.  Many are created as a series on a specific topic, for education, entertainment, enlightenment and more.


Whether you are an expert in dog training or social media your expertise is need and your voice matters.  

If you have a niche market (or even if you don't) I can help you from start to finish, including:


  • how to create your podcast

  • what type of equipment you will need

  • how often to record

  • who to interview

  • how to market

  • how to grow your audience


Knowing what to do before you get started is a must!


I will provide you with a step by step guide for making your pod-casting experience as easy as possible.

Scheduling NOTE:  If you have not already scheduled your session, once payment is made you will receive a call from me or my assistant within 24 hours (on a normal business day) to schedule your session.  I look forward to serving you.  Thank YOU.