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Reiki Level I

Reiki Level 1 
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When you have completed this segment, please contact Teri for your certification.   



The purpose of this book is to give you a step by step guide to the teachings and disciplines associated with First Degree Usui Reiki. We have purposely kept the information concise so you can quickly and easily understand and apply Reiki.


The knowledge and information contained in this book is based on the original Shiki Ryoho Method of Healing developed by Dr Usui almost one hundred years ago.


If you desire to use the teachings contained within this book to heal yourself and others you may wish to go through the attunement process, although it is not necessary to begin using it in your life. 


First Degree Reiki is the beginning of a wonderful journey filled with learning and growth on so many different levels. Many people find that the first degree is all they need to study and incorporate, to lead a more fulfilling life. While others, will continue their studies and progress onto the second degree and then master/teacher degree. I spent over 20 years practicing first degree techniques, combined with other energy healing modalities.  The first degree connects the student to the universal life force and gives them the tools to heal themselves, their family and others.

It also combines safely with traditional or Western medical care, particularly post-operatively health care, helping to accelerate the natural healing process. Many hospitals are now offering Reiki training to their staff to assist in the healing process of their patients.


Anyone can use Reiki and can either attune themselves or receive attunement via a remote session.  Instructions for self-attunement are included with the program or you may contact Teri at for a remote attunement session.

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