Reiki Level I, II, II Workshops


  • Natural self healing

  • Stress reduction

  • Pain relief

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Enhanced awareness of self and others

  • Aids any meditation

  • Clears Toxins

  • Supports positive thinking

  • Balances energies

  • Promotes creativity 

  • Promotes Natural Self Healing

Important note: No manual, home study course or even workshop training program will ever be totally complete; there will always be more to learn. Our intention is simply to help you begin the journey.  Where you end up, depends on you!

Reiki Level I, II, and III Training


Join me in a unique, healing experience.

Reiki - Levels I, II, and III/Master - Includes introduction to Shamanic Journey.

Reiki and Shamanic teachings bridge two of the most powerful ancient energy practices together to create a unique environment for healing on all levels.
When practicing Shamanic teachings and Reiki we are experiencing pure and loving energy that has the intelligence to heal our body, minds and spirits.   It is my great honor to teach others to use these incredible tools for their own personal healing or the healing of others.

Shamanic Reiki Workshops
~ An introduction into the Shamanic Journey meditation
~ Practice of at least two styles of the journey
~ Access to guided journey MP3 
~ Basic principles of Reiki
~ Basic understanding of Chakras
~ Basic understanding of Meridians
~ Level One Reiki Attunement
~ Reiki hand positions
~ Hands on practice of Reiki on yourself and someone else
~ Level appropriate Reiki Certification
~ Digital and Print copy of Reiki class Level workbook
~ And more


Once you have registered for a Shamanic Reiki Workshop you will receive an email with additional instructions, including directions and pre class suggested guidelines.

Shamanic Reiki Certification - all LEVELS $250
Handouts and certificate included

During a Shamanic Reiki workshop, you will receive your Reiki Attunements and certifications.


Thank YOU!  We look forward to working with YOU!


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