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Shamanic Journey Guidance Session

Benefits of Soul Guidance


  • More confident/self esteem

  • Feel more balanced

  • Find Answers to pressing questions

  • Develop more meaning in your life

  • Tap into your passion and purpose

  • Experience Increased vitality

  • Attract like minded people into your life

  • Feeling more in control of your life

  • Stronger connection to life and source

  • Feel more loved

If you have not booked your session with Teri, once payment is made you will receive an email or a  phone call to make arrangements.  Thank YOU!

Gift purchases are available!
Shamanic Journey Guidance


At the core of our being lies our soul. As we move through life, sometimes we are so distracted by the stimuli of daily living that we tune out the voice of our true self. 


Through the shamanic journey process, we journey together, tuning in to your soul’s essence, connecting with benevolent helpers - our cosmic councils - offering compassionate witnessing, to hear your higher self’s wisdom.  At some time, more than likely before and shortly after our birth, we all knew exactly what we needed to live a fulfilling life and walk in love. My intention  is to help YOU connect to that knowing. This is an opportunity for YOU to practice the journey along with me, to gain YOUR OWN insight and to process it together! 

I am NOT a healer - I am simply a facilitator f

or you to heal yourself.

30 Minute and One Hour sessions available

A shamanic journey is a deep form of meditation that shaman’s have been practicing for literally thousands of years.   


Working in what is called non-ordinary reality I seek to find answers, wisdom and guidance from both your spiritual team of helpers and mine.  Many times healing occurs, blocks are removed and energy is lifted, leaving you, the client, feeling much more grounded and connected to life, to source. 


We may journey together! After each journey I write down the wisdom obtained then share my notes with you.  I encourage each client to do the same as many times there will be direct guidance including steps to take to move forward.

Soul Practices Sessions are NOT intended as psychotherapy, nor do they replace anyone's need for a physician, therapist or counselor. They will compliment any wellness or holistic healing modality in both traditional and non-traditional practice. 


Each session is individually based and includes a teaching or ritual that will can your life Click the "Buy Now button" below to schedule your 30 Minute or One Hour session today!

30 minute and One Hour Sessions available

To schedule a session for yourself or a loved one click the BUY NOW  button below or  

call 248-248-219-6200 

30 Minute
Journey Session

One Hour
Journey Session

Scheduling NOTE:  If you have not already scheduled your session, once payment is made you will receive a call from me or my assistant within 24 hours (on a normal business day) to schedule your session.  I look forward to serving you.  Thank YOU.

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