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10 ways decrease your stress and increase your joy

  1. Let go of things you cannot change.

  2. Take 3 deep breaths when stressed and think of something or someone that brings you peace and joy.

  3. Meditate, walk in nature.

  4. Keep a gratitude journal that you write in every night. (How you go to bed is how you get up.)

  5. Write your intention for the day on an index card in the morning stating what you will bring to the day. (Example: “I intend to be a source of peace to everyone I come in contact with today.”)

  6. Remind yourself when people are acting up; it is because they are suffering themselves.

  7. Everyday do something that gives you pleasure.

  8. Stand in your truth.

  9. On an index card write out a coping statement that resonates with you to be kept in your wallet to help manage daily stress. (Examples: “The only thing I have control over is my thoughts, my behaviors and my actions.” “I choose to see the positive in this situation.” “Nothing I want is upstream.” “I let go of my need to control and predict.” “I breathe in peace, I breathe out tension.”

  10. Choose love - choose to LOVE yourself enough to feel joy.

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