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Shamans and the journey

What is a shaman? A Shaman is a person who interacts with both the physical and spiritual world. Typically they connect with benevolent spirits and guides to assist in healing and ritual.

The shaman navigates between invisible and visible worlds (ordinary and non-ordinary reality) for healing, messages, tracking and soul work. They work for the highest good – restoring harmony to individuals, animals, communities and the planet. The shaman does most of their work in what is called a “shamanic journey”.

What is a Shamanic Journey?

What is a journey? A journey, in the most basic terms, is a form of deep meditation or inner consultation where one uses their imagination or creative visualization to connect with your inner self or helping spirits. These helping spirits may be regarded as, guides, ancestors, elders, spirit guides, power animals, angels, and more. The connection is made to find answers, to gather information, to receive and perform healing, to gain wisdom and to access higher knowledge. These beings are commonly seen as holding great wisdom and power. They are present for and willing to help with guiding the living, in the highest good of all.

To some it feels like creative visualization or seeing a movie played out in your mind’s eye. To others it may simply feel like a state of deep relaxation. Although you may seemingly experience nothing – something is always happening.

In most cases drumming or music is used as a driver and connecting tool. The journey generally begins with setting an intention. The intention could be, “I want to talk with my Guardian Angel” or “I want to work on healing myself” or “I want to be shown my spirit animal”. This intention is repeated or broadcasted while moving into the journey.

Not everyone has to be a practicing shaman to journey. Many people find that it is a wonderful opportunity to gain insight and guidance from your inner self and the higher wisdom of the soul.

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