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Got Fuel?

What I learned from the Fuel Leadership Detroit 2016 conference.

Sharing information is one of the things I do best. As a self proclaimed "Soulcial Connector" it only made sense that the results of the Stand Out Assessment test I took, after attending Fuel Detroit's 2016 Leadership conference, were "Influencer and Advisor".

Today I share more than those results. I'm sharing the top 6 things I learned from the event. After you read them, I hope you mark your calendar for next year. It's worth the time spending the day listening to the wisdom of some of today's top leaders and networking with like minded business people and entrepreneurs.

  1. "Focus on the thing you can control and leave the rest for someone else."Captain Mark Kelly - We get so caught up in things that we have no control over that sometimes we are literally stopped in our tracks. If you want to move your business and your life forward, focus on one simple thing you can control.

  2. "Learn and do something new everyday." Martha Stewart - As one of the top grossing female business owners in the world, Martha takes time to learn and/or do something new every day. Based upon her track record, I'd say it's something worth modeling.

  3. "Everyone wants attention ... no feedback, just listen." Marcus Buckingham - whether you are a Gen X or not, this point speaks volumes. Everyone wants to be heard, yes, everyone wants attention. Take a few minutes a week to ask "what are your priorities this week and how can I help?" Then sit back and listen, without feedback.

  4. "Define your WHY and focus on it". Sarah Kay - What is your inspiration behind your work? If you don't know it's time to take a few minutes to determine what that is and why you show up, day after day, doing the work. Once you have that focus, let go of the "how you are going to get there" and take the first step in the direction of your dream.

  5. "Be authentic and be accessible" - John Varvatos - Being authentic can sound trite and yet many people try so hard to be something that they are not. Step into your own power spot and be who you are. If you're a leader, make yourself accessible to your team. Practice tip #4 on a regular basis. You might find yourself more inspired along the way.

  6. "Get out of your own head and be grateful" Michael Strahan. There is nothing more powerful than gratitude, except LOVE. In summary, Michael went on to say that not only was he beyond grateful for his life, he showed up everyday because he didn't want to let anyone down, including himself. Show up and do your best, then be thankful for the life you're in.

There's so much more I could add, from Mitch Albom, Chief James Craig, Shinola President Jacques Panis, Carolyn Clifford, Roop Raj, Taryn Asher and of course the Fuel Leadership team, Josh Linkner, Dave Zilko, and Jordan Broad. The take away's were endless, as was last years event.

I end with a thought from Congresswoman Gabby Gifford, Captain Mark Kelly's wife. Congresswoman Gifford was shot in the face on January 8, 2011. Although she has since resigned her position in Congress, she is still a beacon of hope for all of us. When Captain Kelly asked his wife for a message to share at the conference she simply said, "Be bold, be courageous and be your best". That's how to get fueled.

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