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Message from Mama Robin

For the last 10 days or so my family has been awed by a mama robin sitting on her eggs outside our dining room window. She is the first thing we look at when the sun comes up and the last thing we check before the sun goes down. Every now and then her mate does a fly by. He’ll come and perch on the side of the nest so she can take a short break. It blows my mind how instinctively this process works for them, and really most of nature.

This morning, during my morning meditation, I began to imagine a conversation she and I might have. During this conversation she shared a few words of wisdom that I think we could all benefit from, if only we chose to practice. We have heard these words said in many different ways, for sure.

  1. Protect and serve your loves with every inch of your being, whatever that love looks like to you. Savor it, honor it, bless it, be grateful for it. Do so with loving kindness and compassion, in harmony for yourself and your loves.

  2. Be patient. Stop looking for immediate gratification. While you are being patient, sitting in the stillness, look around you and observe life, without judgement or fear. Simply let what shows up in front of you float by. (Unless it’s a fox trying to eat your eggs – then go back to #1)

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Every being on the planet needs help at some point, even if its’ just for a few minutes for someone to sit on the edge of your nest while you replenish yourself. We need to take a break, we need to refresh and we need help.

  4. You dreams are like your nest. They need nurtured, rearranged or rebuilt now and then. Look at them with gentility, yet be persistent when building them.

Like I said, we have heard these words said many times and in many different ways. This morning, the way I heard her say it, was so simple and so sweet. Animals don’t seem to be distracted by everything that’s going on around them. They seem to be focused on one thing, showing up. They instinctively know when there is an eminent threat of danger and act, otherwise their instincts guide them on being in the world.

I’m tuning in to the robin, while I “anxiously” await the arrival of her little ones, practicing just “being” a little more and simply showing up.

P.S. Enjoy the short video of her nesting. I’m hoping to catch the babies in the next few days! You know I’ll be sharing that, too!

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