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14 ways to be Soulcial

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One of the most important aspects of “Soulcial Living” is inspiring humanity, even in the smallest of ways.

I am the youngest of six children, born in the city of Detroit and raised in one of the bordering communities. My father was the bread-winner and my mother was the bread maker. Both came from humble beginnings and never missed an opportunity to teach us the meaning of “giving back to humanity."

We are all connected. What we do affects everyone and everything on the planet. To live “Soulcially” means we recognize that connection and honor all of life by doing what we can to serve and empower others.

Below are 14 ways to “show up” for humanity by practicing living a more “soulcially” conscious lifestyle. Some require a little thought, others include a simple gesture.

1.Talk less – listen more 2. Hug the people you love 3. Mentor a child 4. Open doors for strangers 5. Forgive yourself 6. Forgive others 7. Hug an animal 8. Give genuine compliments daily 9. Say I'm sorry 10. Smile at a stranger 11. Hug a tree 12. Say, "Thank YOU!" 13. Send a card to someone 14. Say, "I Love YOU!"

Little things make a big difference, in your life and the life of another. Challenge yourself by printing this out! Practice at least one each day.

The love and kindness of one friend can make the difference of a million! TMG

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