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Plant based is planet based

A year of being “vegan” - you can't beet it

After watching the movie “Cowspiracy” one year ago my husband and I opted to eat a 100% plant-based diet. We had tried eating vegetarian, paleo, even a raw diet and yet something wasn’t right for us.

So...we joined the ranks of those who call themselves a vegan, something both of us had always said no to, with comments like:

“Oh, I could never go vegan, it’s too hard!”

“Give up cheese for the rest of my life, no way!”

“What would we possibly eat!”

“Eating vegan is so expensive!”

Well, I’m here to tell you:

It’s not hard, anymore.

Cheese (all dairy) was wreaking havoc on my body, anyway!

As an awesome cook, there’s plenty of delicious food to eat!

It’s actually less expensive than eating animal products, especially with the

rising costs of beef!

Don’t’ get me wrong, it was a difficult transition for me. Even more difficult than giving up alcohol. (In case you didn’t know, I haven’t had a sip of alcohol in years. Alcoholism runs in my family and I was on the threshold of going down that path.) In fact, I verged on being very depressed when I gave up all animal products. I’m quite sure my body was going through withdrawals, and as a compassionate being, my soul was suffering from all the animals and animal products I had ingested in the past. Like those who attend AA/NA, I needed a support group, people I could talk with who understood what I was going through and could provide insight into what to eat, how to live and more. I found that in the Plant Based Nutrition Support Group, thankfully located in my community. (More on that soon)

What are the top 4 things I’ve noticed since I began the journey?

Clear skin – My skin glows! Everyday someone comments on how beautiful my skin is. The other day I had a granola bar. On the label it had “was prepared in a facility where dairy, eggs, and nuts” are processed. Within 24 hours a lovely zit appeared on my face. I’m guessing it was from that tiny amount of dairy that ended up in the bar.

Natural weight loss – While eating a plant based diet I’ve lost somewhere around 30 pounds without even trying. Heck, I didn’t really think I needed to lose weight. I used to say, “I love my body, I just need to get in shape!” Well, I still need to get in shape, only now I love my body even more. Especially when I put on clothes that used to be snug and now I can literally pull them off!

Less aches and pains – One of my doctorsused to tell me that my aches and pains were the natural part of aging. I never really bought into that theory. Today, I can say, that’s bullshit, too! (Sorry doc!) Every single day I notice that parts of my body that used to ache are pain free. I have little to no inflammation!

More clarity and focus– As a shamanic and intuitive practitioner I have found that eating a 100% plant based diet has increased my ability to connect in, to focus, and be more present for myself and my clients. Not to mention that my soul feels better knowing that I am living more compassionately, holding an even deeper respect for all creatures, large and small.

I’m not here to preach to anyone about the choices they make for their health. I’ve certainly had my share of crazy choices. However, if you are looking to embrace a plant-based (I like to think of it as planet-based) lifestyle, let me know, I’m happy to help you on your journey. Watch for more insight over the coming weeks as I embark on a new path of empowering others with my friend and soul sister, Lisa Powell Graham, otherwise known as the Sexy Vegan! Can you guess what we might be sharing?

Peace, love and blissings! Teri Williams