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I Can Do It!

So can you!

For years part of my New Years Day ritual is opening my new Louise Hay "I Can Do It" affirmations calendar after the first meditation of the year. This year was no different. The title alone is inspiring. If you don't have one, maybe now is the time to order one.

As I reflected upon the last year I realized how on many days that calendar gave me just the spark I needed to shift my consciousness, to raise my vibration, on the days I wasn't feeling particularly blissful or soulful. Yes, that happens to me - I am human, I think. (wink wink)

"Every one of us has to start believing that we deserve all the good that life has to offer"... Let that sink in to your soul. What you focus on multiplies.

May this be the year all of your dreams come true! Dream BIG!!!

Happy happy New Year!

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