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Five things I've learned about motivating myeslf

And achieving my dreams!

The other day someone asked me how I keep motivated in my business since I'm self-employed. (Self employed does NOT mean How do I stay focused on achieving my own dreams?

I paused.

I've said before I have one foot in this reality and the other in the cosmos - with two very different businesses. My work is constantly putting me in front of different people, many of whom are in need of a "fix" - they have business problems and they have personal problems; sometimes it's really a bit of both! I know that when my business is "off" my personal life is and vice versa. You get that, right?

So... I paused.

Here's what I came up with:

  1. What you focus on multiplies - Keep your focus on your vision and your dream, whatever that is. Be clear - write it down where you can see it.

  2. Get rid of the nay-sayers or surround yourself with cheerleaders - I have a handful of people I reach out to for a boost now and then. We all need it. We need people in our court who believe in us - especially if we are struggling with believing in our selves. Oh, did I say, what we focus on multiplies...cheerleaders rock!

  3. Be a magnet for positivity yourself. People call or email me all the time because I am primarily a very positive person. I guess you could say I'm someone elses cheerleder. Yes... What you focus on multiplies!

  4. Commit to actively working towards your dream every single day, even if it's only for 30 minutes at a time. Don't forget this. Why? Because... what you focus on multiplies... did I mention that?

  5. Create a gratitude practice. When we practice being grateful we open the doors for more opportunities to be grateful, we see begin seeing more things in our lives to be grateful for. Guess why? What we focus on multiples.

You get my drift here, right? I stay motivated in my business and aligned with my dream by focusing on it, by aligning my thoughts with growth and positivity. One of my teachers, Joan Wilcox, says, "Energy follows intention"... Where is your energy flowing?

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