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Some things I've learned about my own spirituality or connecting with higher power

As a shamanic practitioner I obviously think of myself as being a bit "spiritual". What does spirituality mean to me?

The dictionary defines it as, "Being concerned with human spirit or soul rather than material or physical things."

To me it has come to mean a bit more than that and maybe a bit less. It encompasses being concerned with every living being, with the earth, nature and the cosmos. Every thing is connected therefore I am everything. I am creation itself and so are YOU!

Does this sound too simple or maybe too deep? We tend to over complicate things. Take a look at the many different religions and the dogma associated with them. Then reflect on one of the basic commonalities: Love thy neighbor.

Here's my brief reflection:

  1. Our "house of worship" is irrelevant. What matters is offering compassion, loving-kindness and understanding to our neighbors, even animal neighbors.

  2. Trust in the flow of life. Being too caught up in the drama is a distraction - away from loving-kindness.

  3. Take time daily to connect "in" focusing on your heart and the essence of your soul, your light, nurture it that it may shine even brighter - expanding your capacity to love life more, to love all of life.

We all have a different take on spirituality and yet, are we really that different? Don't we all just want love? To co-exist in harmony?

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