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Valentines Day - it doesn't have to be just another Hallmark holiday.

You've probably heard that saying before, too!

Years ago my colleague Christine Arylo began a worldwide campaign encouraging others to LOVE themselves - unconditionally. She declared February 13 as a Day of Self Love! Because we are worth LOVING!! Our souls need love and nourishment!

In an effort to inspire other women to step into loving themselves for who they are I became a Self Love Ambassador and hosted events for women in my community. These events included sharing our personal secrets for honoring our soul and living a life centered around loving who we are.

Many find it difficult to LOVE themselves first, beyond a mani and a pedi. Sometimes they even find it difficult to answer what love really looks like, what love really feels like.

Here are some questions from my book, the Sisstory Journal ,that may help you reclaim the love you have for yourself and stand up to shout I LOVE ME on Self Love Day!

  • Are you happy with where you are in your life right now?

  • What is your perfect “love” day?

  • What is your greatest joy?

  • What does bliss mean to you?

  • How do you share your bliss with others?

  • What is your own personal secret to happiness?

  • List a few of the things that make you smile. Why?

  • What are some of your favorite quotes and why?

  • What are your most precious and embedded values?

  • How do those values relate to your opinion of yourself?

  • Do you treat yourself like a Best friend? How?

  • What would you give yourself if you had more money than you could imagine?

  • List three of your talents (artist, writer, ceramics, weaver, designer, balance a spoon on your nose)

  • What is your favorite holiday?

  • How can you incorporate some of that holiday joy into your life on a daily basis?

Loving yourself is not narcissistic, no, far from it. Loving yourself, showing compassion for all your perceived flaws, is essential from it.

Over the years I have found the best thing I can do for myself is to make a daily practice out of doing something just for me, that includes waking up with gratitude, even when it's hard to find something to be grateful for as well as meditation and shamanic energy work in my morning routine, the Art of Impeccable Soul Care...

Whatever you do in life take a minute to LOVE WHO YOU ARE!

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