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A freedom fire ritual for your soul

At least once a week (sometimes once a day) I host a fire ritual. The fire might be small and include simply burning a piece of palo santo or may be an all day/evening event.

This is one that I practice quite a bit, setting the intention to release all that no longer serves my highest good, filling my soul with light and love!

You can also set an intention and practice this in a shamanic journey. Not familiar with the shamanic journey, visit: to grab my eBook, available in my shop!

What you need:

Something to represent that which you wish to release to fire (whether it is a small fire outside or a small fire proof container - large enough to hold what you wish to release symbol).

Begin by making yourself comfortable and taking deep breathes inward through your nose and exhale through your mouth, relaxing to allow the flow of energy to carry your thoughts.

Light your fire or if you are doing this in a journey - Imagine that you are standing before the fire. Your ceremony has begun. Such a beautiful, brilliant fire. See the flames burning brightly, representing the flames of love within your soul. Sense the expansion of the flames.

Pause and deep breathe once more.

Surrounding the fire in your sacred circle are all your ancestors. All your guides. Knowing deep within that you are safe and protected. Supported. LOVED beyond measure.

You hear the whispers of the winds, “you are ready”. You know that you are ready to pour all the burdens into the fire allowing the chains or cords that have bound you to melt away. Every experience, every obstacle, every emotion that holds you. Every fear. All ready to be gifted to the fire to be transformed into ash. Ash that can compost your burdens into new birth, as mother earth herself welcomes the ash as food for her soul.

Your breath blows into the bundle. Blowing the old patterns, the old memories, the old attachments into the bundle. When you are ready you know you are compelled to toss the bundle into the Eternal flames of the fire. Watching the fire encompass it as it burns. Breathing deeply inhaling the smoke as all surrounding the sacred circle stand with you.

Remain until that last ember of the bundle is gone.

Thank your ancestors, your guides, any ascended masters, all of whom stood with you in the sacred circle for their support and protection.

Once the fire is gone to ash, dig a hole and pour the ash into the hole. Lay upon your belly so that you may blow directly into the ash, into the hole, anything that remains. Cover the hole with dirt allowing Mother Earth to transform the energies of your past into the freedom of release.

Sit, stand or come to your knees; speak the words of intention, it doesn't how many times you have made the attempt before to release, accept the grace of the energy.

While this ritual may seem too simple exercises to release the powers of the chains/cords/energies that bind you, do not underestimate the power of intention and the power of action. The Great Mystery of Spirit is held within your own being to tap into and allow flowing. One of my teachers, Joan Wilcox, quite often says energy follows intention.

Remember that this is a simple ritual; use your own path in creating the sacred space and calling in your own guides and ancestors in the way that is most comfortable to you. Allow your own intuition, your spirit, your soul, to guide you on when you should perform and how often you need to perform.

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