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Coming Home

You know how good it feels when you finally land back home after traveling around for a long time? That “Ahhhhhhh, I’m back” feeling? Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling for the last two weeks after making the decision to collaborate with a few women on developing a community collective of soul shakers, dream builders, and natural health care providers! We are a group of "soul-ution" based women entrepreneurs who are gathering together to make a difference for our clients, our families, our communities and each other.

For many years I have either worked from home or utilized “space” in my friends and colleague’s offices. Although extremely grateful for the opportunities to have worked with so many incredible people, the juggling of time slots and other people’s schedules was creating a deep sense of unease for me.

Quite frankly, the Universe had other plans for me, I just wasn’t paying attention.

Change is a good thing… Sometimes change simply brings you home!

This week I moved my business to a new home – a great little healing “share” space in one of my favorite cities ever - Downtown Ferndale. When I walked in the doors I knew it was the right fit and everyone who’s visited me this week has felt the same energetic boost; that feeling of “Ahhhhhhh”! I grew up in this city, marched in parades, partied in the streets, graduated High School, started a family, taught workshops, and received my Reiki Master training - from the former tenants - in the very same space I’ll be working out of. YES, the fact that I grew up in this community, with so many ties in town, makes it all the more special for me. This new healing space holds a creative collective of women whose missions are to inspire others to transform the quality of their own lives through music, healing touch, soul work, herbal remedies, and more. Sharing the space are:

  • Megan Zakar, owner of Herbally Conscious – Psychologist and Holistic Health Practitioner

  • Jill Jack – Singer, Songwriter and Founder of Dream Big

  • Mya Edwards, Reflexologist

  • Me - Teri Williams, Founder of Soul Practices and host of Soulful Living on Empower Radio

My session and workshop days are Tuesday’s and Thursdays as well as the first Sunday of every month. Workshops include: Compassionate Shamanic Circles (with 100% Plant Based Food), Shamanic Rebirthing, Mindfulness Meditation, Shamanic Reiki l, ll, and lll, Impeccable Soul Care, Video Today, Group Business Coaching and more. Take a look around my site then schedule a session. I’d love to show you the space and help you shift your energy by expanding your soul’s potential, personally and professionally!

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