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Consistency. Diligence. Steadiness. Constancy.

What do you feel when you hear these words? Excitement? Fear? Anxiety? Joy?

Yea... Most people don't feel joy when they hear these words. Why? Because they feel a little harsh.

What if I describe the word consistency as harmony, balance or synchronization?

Does that feel a little different? It does for me.

When I decided to create a consistent practice of meditation and journeying I didn't want it to feel like an obligation, a chore, I didn't want it to feel daunting. Instead, I wanted to feel the sense of joy that so many experience when practicing.

So, I chose to be consistent in bringing more harmony to my life's journey through the practice of shamanic work and meditation. It has become kind of an art to me, celebrating how creative I can get in where, when, how I practice - The ART of Impeccable Soul Care - I am constantly and consistently in awe of how I feel in my body, my mind, my spirit and my soul.

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