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Compassionate Shamanic Circles

Six months ago I was guided to create a circle to practice the shamanic journey or meditate, to build a tribe, who is committed to honoring all life on earth through embracing a plant based lifestyle.

As a practicing shaman I realize on a deep level that I need to be around a community of like minded individuals on a regular basis and that many of you feel the need for deep connection, as well, maybe now more than ever and that food plays such a big part in community circles.

After following many eating plans, including vegetarian and raw, my husband and I fully embraced the whole foods/plant based life. For three years I have lived the vegan life while eating nutritional, delicious foods. What does that mean? It means that I do not eat any animal products, that my food is nutritionally sound (most of the time) and the items I purchase are animal free and responsibly sourced. I have learned to create easy, delicious foods that feed the heart and soul. I'll be sharing these foods at our gatherings!

At the last circle we set the intention to release any blocks holding us back from blossoming and asked for guidance on what we can do to nurture the seeds we have planted! Each guest was provided an audio of the journey or meditation for future listening as well as the recipes for what I serve.

It is my honor to create and hold a space for connections to blossom, while sharing compassionately sourced food and gathering in community!

Visit for more information and to register for our next circle.


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