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9 Ways to Practice Mindfulness

9 Ways to Practice Mindfulness without meditation!

Meditation seems to be the most effective way to practice mindfulness. Although this may be true, there are other ways to practice mindfulness, to stay more present in all aspects of life, than sitting or laying on a mat.

I love meditation and the practice of mindfulness. The truth is I don't always make time to sit in contemplation or to shamanic journey daily. Some days there is just too much "peopling" going on in my life. The following activities and suggestions come in to play quite often and deepen my connection to all life.

Whatever path you on are on, maybe they will help you, too!

Outer Practices

1. Breathwork - deep breathing - connecting with your breath is a practice you can do anywhere, anytime. Pay attention to each inhale and exhale. You’ll feel calmer and more centered.

2. Being a yoga practice - Yoga connects your mind, body, breath and soul. It brings your energy body into alignment. Many of the poses are designed as hip openers which will make a sitting meditation more comfortable.

3. Relax your muscles. Progressive relaxation from head to toe facilitates awareness, as well as sleep. Begin by mentally scanning your body from head to toe, while systematically tensing and releasing the muscles and repeating a mantra, like OHM.

4. Learn the martial arts. Karate, TaeTaekwondo, and other martial arts involve much more than fighting - it can increase your ability to focus, raise your confidence level, and elevate your moods.

5. Drinking tea. Tea ceremonies are another tradition to encourage mindfulness as we give our full attention to the ceremony. You can do this with any drink you prefer, including your coffee or juice.

Inner Mindfulness Practices

6. Slow down. Move deliberately. What are the motivation and purpose behind your daily activities? Concentrate and take time to enjoy life instead of rushing from one activity to another.

7. Focus on one task at a time. Turn off your phone when you’re having dinner with your family, put it in the other room. Listen closely to ordinary conversations, to the sounds of nature like the falling rain.

8. Let go of judgements. Accept your thoughts, feelings, and experiences without guilt or shame. Love yourself for who you are now. Take pleasure in learning and growing. Forgive yourself and others for disappointments and mistakes.

9. Live in the present. Concentrate on today rather than regretting the past or worrying about the future. When you find yourself absorbed in backward or forward thinking say oops and come back to the now. You don’t have to miss out on the benefits of mindfulness just because you’re uncomfortable sitting for long periods. Your morning commute, the walk with the dog, or a formal tea ceremony can create moments to connect with the here and now!

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