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Sacred Space

Do you have a sacred space? Somewhere to be with YOU?

To practice? To connect? To create?

For me, a sacred space represents someplace that I can have a clear connection to whatever my intention might be. It can range anywhere from holding a ritual or ceremony to creating and connecting for my work.

Weather permitting my sacred space is in my yard. I love to work back here, meditate back here, simply be back here - surrounded by all of the things I love, listening to the birds with my furry companions at my feet. Creating a sacred space is very personal. If you don’t already have a space I suggest closing your eyes, visualize a place in nature or a space where you feel safe and comfortable, then create a place in this reality within your home, your yard, your work, where you can bring elements of that vision into that space - So that you feel safe comfortable, and at ease as you begin connecting with your intention.

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