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Gratitude - #1 soul care practice

Live with Gratitude - Count your BLISSINGS!

Being grateful, is, in my mind, the most important element of living a soul inspired life. I call the act of developing a regular practice honoring our soul self The Art of Impeccable Soul Care.

When we practice living with gratitude every day we begin to see the positives in life and they begin to multiply. In a moment, we are gently reminded that maybe we don’t have it as bad as the person on the street or our neighbor or our co-worker.

There is much in this world to be grateful for – the miracle of life is a wonderful place to start. I live in the US. We are in the midst of summer and there is so much life to behold right now - flowers, birds, bees, butterflies. (Yes, that's a pic from my yard!)

How do we begin living in gratitude?

We can begin living with gratitude as a practice by choosing to be grateful for everything in our lives; good, bad or indifferent; by being open to seeing something good in every situation. Sometimes we might have to look a little harder than others because we tend to focus on what we don't have instead of what we do have.

Matt Kahn says, "Start looking at your regrets with gratitude".

Recognize daily BLISSINGS like: the breath we take, even if it's labored, a sunny day even when it's cold, a warm coat that’s lost its luster, or the food on our table that was difficult to come by. Developing daily habits of gratitude soon becomes our natural state of mind and raises our vibration, which opens our life up to more possibilities – what we focus on multiplies!

My personal gratitude habit is beginning and ending each day with thoughts of what I am grateful for, including myself :) I begin by thanking God (the divine/creation/spirit/universe - whatever you call it) for another day, for my breath, for life - then move through to helping spirits, angels, ascended masters, ancestors, the four cardinal directions, the elements and mother earth. (Not necessarily in that order).

The Art of Impeccable Soul Care includes creating practices that support your souls continuous evolution. Gratitude is an essential element in raising her vibration.

What are you grateful for in this moment?

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