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Daily happy habit - The Art of Impeccable Soul Care

Do something every day that makes YOU feel happy!

Think about it. Your body is constantly changing, from one breath to the next. You change your clothes, daily. Your change your mind, maybe more often than your clothes.

Create a new habit of doing one thing everyday, that makes you "feel" happy!

Going through change can be a difficult process. Most of the time, we do something for everyone else, before we do something for ourselves. No matter what you are going through, doing one thing, just one simple thing to elevate your own happiness level, can lighten your mood.

Each of us contains within us the capacity to change the world, to make it a better place. Taking control of our own happiness means our positive mood will affect every aspect of our life.

What can you do today that makes YOU happy?

When change or stress is derailing you maybe it's time to change what you are doing or thinking. YOUR happiness level is as unique as you are. Let go of feelings of guilt or anxiety for just a few minutes to allow a happy moment to wash over you.

How, you ask? Keep it simple!

Try Steve Martile's smile challenge.

Steve Martile's Top 10 Tips to feel better instantly

(Maybe someone else will see that smile and feel a bit better, too.)

1. Smile 2. Smile more. 3. Smile even more. 4. Smile even more than that. 5. Smile when you don’t want to. 6. Smile when you do. 7. Smile if you feel good.

8. Smile if you don’t. 9. Smile every day. 10. Keep Smiling :)

Start right now! SMILE!

What is one thing do or can do on a daily basis that make you feel happy?

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