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This year, more than any other year, I feel grateful to be alive!

8 weeks post-surgery today! In case you don’t know, while walking my dogs on the morning of October 2, I fell and fractured my femur; Multiple fractures. (You can read more details here) Within 24 hours, I was in an operating room listening to the trauma surgeon say that my life as I knew it was over. He was going to put me back together with a couple of rods and a couple of screws. Chances are it would take me 18 to 24 months before I felt some semblance of normal, in fact it would be a new normal. He said I would use a walker for at least three months, a cane after that and who knows how long before I might actually walk without it, again. There was a 20% chance I might not even survive, due to infection and multiple other complications. God knows what. WTF! I literally looked at him and said, that is not my story. As my husband simultaneously said you don’t know the Griffin’s! Two minutes later I was out. When I woke, with some sense of clarity, all I could think of was my husband sitting there in the waiting room wondering if his wife was going to make it, number one, and number two what our life would look like. (I know, that sounds very dramatic. It still feels very dramatic-what I do over the course of the next six months will set the tone for how we will live in the future.) Well, that night, with my husband and one of our dearest friends/family physician, present, I demanded physical therapy. Why, because that’s what we Griffins do. We are ready to get up and get moving. Nothing stops us. Think of the Phoenix Rising and that is an image of the Griffin. Anyway, at first I stood up, and then walked around the room for 10 minutes, we were all in tears at the miracle that I was even out of bed. Yes, I used the walker - But I was out of bed! Today is literally two months post-surgery. This experience has me realizing just how much I took for granted, like this body. Our bodies are miraculous, multitasking machines – blood flowing, heart beating, lungs breathing, organs working, bones supporting (or not, as in my case), all at the same time and all of them effect another part of the body. Today I am walking without a walker, sometimes walking without a cane. The only pain meds I’m taking are the daily doses of aspirin prescribed to keep my blood a little thinner (which is way better than the daily shots I had to give myself for a few weeks) and I have no doubt I will be driving soon. (I’ll let you know when in case you want to stay off the road that day). Every day I experience something that feels like a tremendous hurdle to me; sometimes as little as putting my socks on by myself or being able to tie my own shoes. Anyone who has experienced a surgery that leaves you quite incapacitated will totally understand. Boy, do I send you blessings and kudos! There are a lot of things that I owe my exceptional healing process too, like all of you! First and foremost, though, to my husband (and the trauma surgeon). Many people that have a surgery like this go into a rehabilitation facility. My rehabilitation was home. And my husband has been my number one Care Giver, working his full-time job eight hours a day and then coming home and taking care of me and the house and the dogs and the family, the rest of the "stuff" that we humans do/need. There’s a whole list of other people that I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to and beginning today I am resuming my commitment of making 365 gratitude videos over the next year. I started that in September and of course got derailed on October 2. This video is for all of you. I love you and thank you.

May you truly know how grateful I am that you exist, and may you find something every single day to be grateful for. Click the image below for my THANK YOU video!

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