Shamanic Journey Practice eBook and MP3

Shamanic Journey Practice 30-Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey
BONUS 10 minute drumming
10 minute drumming MP3 - Teri Williams

The Shamanic Journey Practice 30- Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey eBook was inspired by four questions repeatedly asked by clients, colleagues, friends and family.  Those questions were:

"What is a Shamanic Journey?

How do I do it?"

“What do I journey on or about?”

“How long do I journey for?”


With this book you will begin to understand the basics of the Shamanic Journey Practice and can easily begin a meditative process to inspire and empower your life!


This eBook includes 30 prompts to journey on as well as suggested guidance for entering into the journey and how long to journey for.  

Keep in mind that the journey is as unique as you are and is YOUR path to direct revelation.

I have included a 10 minute drumming MP3 to get you started, however I do suggest that if you are new to the journey practice you begin with as little time as you feel comfortable.  

At the end of the book are additional resources for deepening your own practice.   

Thank you for trusting in me to guide you through this uniquely beautiful and empower practice.  See you on the other side!