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Soul Sessions

Shamans work in both ordinary and non-ordinary reality to find answers,

facilitate healing, and create deeper connections.

Shamanic healing works to restore and balance one’s health, emotions and spirit by restoring the balance and connection to nature's oneness between ones physical, soul, emotional and spirit components.  This practice of Impeccable Soul Care honors the true essence of who we really are. 


Shamans have been working with their communities and helping spirits for thousands upon thousands of years.  

Shamanic healing is an all-encompassing method to restore your overall well being and that of the planet. It is a complement to any healing modality, including traditional Western Medicine.

Begin today - transform your life!

Energy Session

1 hr  / $120.00

Shamanic energy practices create a unique environment for healing on all levels. Tuning into your energy body, physical and mental being, I look to clear away the dense energies keeping you from being feeling whole

Shamanic Rebirth


Each and everyone of us has experienced an energetic loss at some point in our lives.  Together we will consciously move through your life's loss, releasing it, filling the void with  the purest form of light energy, creating a sense of

renewal and rebirth

Soul Retrieval

1 hr 30 min / $175.00

From a shamanic point of view, anyone who's had a trauma, may have had some soul or spiritual essence loss. In shamanic journey I work with divine guides and spirit allies to track, retrieve and

restore this loss.

Healing Drum
sound healing

1 hr / $120.00

A unique session, where I use a healing drum and/or rattle as a method of transmuting the energy of your light body/aura/energy field with sound vibration. 

Shamanic Soul Guidance Session

1 hr / $120.00

Shamanic Guidance session includes a shamanic journey on your behalf, with specific guidance on your topic. May also include divine guidance from your guides and helping spirits

Make a donation
to Soul Practices

You decide the amount

Donations to Soul Practices help fund and support those who cannot pay for services at this time. 

We are grateful for any and all monetary funds you can share!

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As a Shamanic, Energy and Reiki professional, I have been highly trained in the steps necessary to assist you in your healing process using energy healing and sound modalities. It is an honor and privilege that I take very seriously and a service of which I am grateful to provide.  
Teri Williams
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