Thank you for Journeying with me!

My gift to you - 8 tips to practicing

The Art of Impeccable Soul Care

8 tips to practicing the Art of Impeccable Soul Care - live life more in tune with your souls truth by incorporating eight simple ideas or new habits into your life. These habits include one constant thought for every action:  


What you focus on multiplies. 

in the
Deep Bow of Gratitude


Thank you for joining the Shamanic Journey Practice -

30 Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey!

Led by my own intuitive process I walked down many paths, taking more seminars, workshops and classes than I can possibly begin to list, with particular interest in metaphysics, energy work and shamanic teachings.  These teachings are my life's work and are the foundation for what I call Impeccable Soul Care!

Impeccable Soul Care is the #1 practice we can develop to live a life more in tune with our souls truth and the Shamanic Journey Practice - 30 Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey has the potential to escalate your own sense of honoring your soul and all life.


Shortly you will receive your welcome letter, your Shamanic Journey Practice eBook, your first weeks drumming and/or music and the first of  your suggested Shamanic Journeys.  Each week you will receive extended drumming and music and the prompting to increase your journey time, if desired.  

Keep in mind - this is YOUR path to direct revelation so whatever guidance you receive is for YOUR highest good.  The journey you take is YOURS!


At the end of the 30 days you will have journeyed at least 30 times - potentially creating a new habit to increase your joy and elevate your souls vibration.

By incorporating simple ideas or new habits we begin to immediately increase our overall sense of well being and better health.

It is my great honor to provide you with tools that may ease  your own suffering or empower you in some way.

Deep bow!

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The Art of

Impeccable Soul Care

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