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The Blisstory Journal

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Happy 10-year anniversary to The Blisstory Journal!


What started out as a Christmas gift from my sweetheart  blossomed into a  book, “The Blisstory Journal” which is now celebrating it's 10 year in publication. 


In 2005 my husband gave me a jar of questions, a journal and a pen. He asked me to share my thoughts and experiences with him. On Sweetest Day, I gave him the gift of ME: that journal filled with memories and ideas prompted from the interesting questions he asked. Friends and neighbors saw the journal and wanted one. “Blisstory” was born.

“The Blisstory Journal” has room to write in the answers to 365 diverse questions from “What magazines did you have around the house growing up?” and “When you wake in the morning, what is the first thought that usually crosses your mind?” to “Describe a scent that brings you back to your childhood” and “List the content of your purse or wallet” with the last page, “What does bliss mean to you?”

It's really a gift of love and learning; what I learn about the people that answer the questions is beyond anything I hear over a cup of coffee. The questions actually encourage people to share themselves, good, bad or indifferent. My friend Alice shared an incredible life changing memory from her childhood that had me in tears.

It’s a great tool for the beginnings of a memoir or a living legacy for our children.

The response was overwhelming and people found different ways of using the book, including turning it into a game when family comes to visit.

The book was the inspiration for my second book - a book of questions just for women - titled, The Sisstory Journal! Of course, filled with 365 questions for the women in your life! 

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