Video Today

Video Today Workshop - $50

(Regular Pricing $200 per session)

  • How to Create professional quality video

  • How to Create "shareable" content

  • How to Attract loyal followers

  • How to Create your own graphics 

  • How to Share all of your work on YouTube, and other Soulcial Media platforms

You will create at least one video, before the class is over, upload to YouTube and share!

Important note: Once payment has been made you will be sent specific instructions for what to bring with you to class - particularly YOUR PHONE!  :)  

For more information  Call 248-219-6200 
 or to schedule a private session

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LIVE Video Today  Workshop -


(Regular Pricing $200 per session)
Handouts included

Where/when:  To be determined

Create Video Today


Right now you can make professional quality videos to grow your business, promote an event, or increase your out reach.  Instantly share on YouTube.

Your phone offers one of the fastest and easiest ways to make great video AND launch those videos on YouTube in just minutes!

In an experiential workshop we’ll teach you how to create awesome, professional quality videos and instantly upload to your YouTube, Facebook (or any Soulcial Media site) or your website all with a tap of your fingertip!  (Private sessions available)

Video Today Workshop - $50

(Private sessions available at $200 per session)

Where:  Too be determined

When: February 2018

We will provide COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS with over 20 tips and tricks on how to use video to connect you to your ideal demographic and build relationships that last, which means higher revenue, more clients and, most important - deeper connections.

2 hour LIVE - hands on 

Video Today workshop

(Private sessions available)

In a two (2) hour "LIVE" Video Today session or workshop, Teri and her team will share complete details on creating your own professional looking videos using your iPhone or Android phone, simple image editing apps, and YouTube.


You will leave READY to upload  at least one VIDEO TODAY!

LIVE Video Today  Workshop -


(Private sessions available at $200 per session)
Handouts included

Where:  To be determined

When: February 2018

11 am-1 pm


We will share how to grow your BUSINESS using video with a foundation based upon authenticity, integrity and heart, the essence of Soul-cially Connecting with the world.

Additional instructions will be sent to your email address once payment has been made.


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