When practicing Shamanic, Energy work and mindfulness teachings we are experiencing pure and loving energy that has the intuitive ability to heal our body, minds and spirits.   It is my great honor to teach others to use these incredible tools for their own personal healing or in service of the healing of others.


The quieter you become the better you will hear!

Compassionate Shamanic Circles

This is a Compassionate Shamanic Journey Circle for those who practice or are interested in practicing a 100% whole foods/vegan lifestyle and gather to journey. As we gather in circle and share in community we will provide 100% plant based whole foods with a commitment to sourcing our livelihood without any animal products! It's a journey in and of itself - one that I am happy to help you on!

2 hours - $20.00

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Drum Circles

Soul Practices drum circles are a combination of shamanic teachings, free form drumming and community rhythmic events, that include a healing intention or shamanic journey. 



Each one is unique in that there is an element of shamanic healing present, an intention of sending sacred waves out to the universe!

2 hours - $20.00

Shamanic Journey

1 hr 30 min / $90.00

The Shamanic Journey is a form of meditation or method of connecting with spirit that can be used by everyday people for healing, personal growth, and to connect with nature. Class is designed for anyone who wants to expand their meditation..

Impeccable Soul Care

1 hr 30 min / $90.00

Impeccable Soul Care is the #1 practice we can develop to live a life more in tune with our souls truth.  By incorporating three simple ideas or new habits we begin to immediately increase our overall sense of well being and better health.

Basic 4 Meditation

1 hr 30 min / $90.00

Learn 4 basic types of meditation - color, quick relaxation, counting and mindfulness designed for stress relief, increased energy and deep focus. You will also learn the importance of even a 5-minute daily meditation practice.

Reiki I, II, or III

3 hr / $250 

During a Reiki workshop you will receive your Reiki Attunements and certifications. You will also learn how to practice the shamanic form of meditation called a JOURNEY to enhance your own practice and healing efforts.