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Thank you for joining The Art of Impeccable Soul Care Part 1

The Art of Impeccable Soul Care
A six session series for elevating your soul

Thank you for joining The Art of Impeccable Soul Care On-Line Workshop. This is a series of tools I use in my life to connect deeper to my own sense of Impeccable Soul Care.

Please watch the intro video for insight on how to journey, especially if you have never done so.  Also, enjoy the FREE drumming and chakra meditation videos as a token of my appreciation and love!

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The Art of Impeccable Soul Care - Your soul is worth it!


Over the years I have walked down many paths, taking more seminars, workshops and classes than I can possibly begin to list, with particular interest in metaphysics, energy work and shamanic teachings. These teachings are my life's work and are the foundation for Impeccable Soul Care!

We start soon and will begin each circle with a brief introduction, move into a simple centering and connecting journey  and dig into the practice.  Guests will be invited to share their experience within the circle, although this is a choice. Depending on group size, we may only get to a few on the LIVE calls, however you are encouraged to share in the group!  There is no pressure here to be anything other than YOU!  Each circle is unique and will include an element of shamanic healing for everyone who attends. 

Learning the basics of the Shamanic Journey was LIFE CHANGING for me.  It is now part of my everyday life!

Zoom information will be emailed soon.  It will remain the same for the six weeks.  Be sure to book mark the page. Don't worry if you miss a Module. A link will be available for you to download within 24 hours of each module, yours to listen to whenever is convenient for you.  

Reminder that this intended to be a "40-day" practice.  So plan to listen in as soon as possible.  

Suggestions and descriptions

Pre - workshop suggestions:  If you have NOT practiced the shamanic journey before, visit my YouTube channel and watch the videos on "What is the Shamanic Journey", "How to practice the Shamanic Journey" and "Release and Offering salt ritual"   - We will be practicing the salt ritual for 40 days.  (You can also visit: for my free shamanic journey workshop.)

Begins soon. We will meet for six weeks


Session 1 - - Shamanic Journey and Shamanic Journaling Practices - We will connect with a new Spirit  Ally as well as our

                   Power Spot for this new work.  We will have a specific set of questions to ask in this journey, for moving forward.  

Session 2 - - Sacred Ritual for our soul.  We will discuss the difference between Ritual and Ceremony then journey to

                    the other realms to create our soul ritual. Handouts will be sent prior to week 2

Session 3 - - Creative Expression and energy healing.  We are all part of creation therefore we are creative at our core.  We will                create a Mandala based on the 6 directions.  A supply list will be sent out prior to week 3.

Session 4 - - Movement and shifting energy.  We will talk about the importance of moving and shifting your energy, your body,

                    and "stuff" within your space.  We will include a gentle physical movement practice created to deepen your

                    connection to your soul and shift your energy, spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally

Session 5 - - The power of the Elements.  We will talk about our own "elemental" make up, how to connect to the elements 

                    to heal aspects of our soul, and experience a journey honoring the sky (LOVE), air, wind, water, earth and fire.  

Session 6 - - Review and Integration, bridging it all together through a shamanic rebirth.  We will talk about how to bridge

                    these practices together, how to incorporate them into your life on a regular basis and end with a closing

                    ceremony to honor your soul. 

It is my great honor to provide you with the space to journey together and offer tools based on the Art of Impeccable Soul Care to ignite a spark in healing your soul.  These tools have the potential to empower, heal, and enlighten you; to elevate your soul, in ways you may not be aware of at this time.  Keep doing the practice, create your own methods of honoring your soul self  - you are loved, you are supported, you are HOLY!  

Deep bow!

For more information on events and sessions 
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