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Teri Williams YouTube and Podcast

Bridging ancient wisdom and modern teachings to raise your vibration and elevate your soul

You may have heard me on Empower Radio, where I podcasted for 12 years, with a weekly show featuring inspirational stories and motivating guests who are committed to living a soulful life. You may have also heard me on MindBodySpirit.FM where I was part of their network launch.  Many of those conversations are still available on MindBodySpirt.FM.  

Today you'll find me on my YouTube Channel  - talking about how we can thrive, how we can elevate our souls, how we can move through life with Impeccable Soul Care.  The conversations center around ancient wisdom and modern teachings on spirituality, shamanism, shamanic journeying, mediumship, energy work, talking with the dead, angel wisdom, the tarot and oracle, drumming and music, candles, Buddhism, self love and more.

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