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Custom Journey Meditation Audio

Customized mp3 Journey Meditation recordings include a personalized guided journey meditation on the topic of your choice.  It may also include specific guidance for suggested listening.


These personalized recordings are pre-arranged after a deep dive conversation where we go over what your intention will be in listening to the   meditation.  These calls are generally 20 to 30 minutes in duration. 

"If you are going to invest in one thing this year, let it be one of Teri's customized guided meditations/journey's!  She took time to listen to where I'm at in life and where I want to be, she heard me on every level, then went to work creating a beautiful recording that I listen to over and over again, helping me to heal my heart, to heal my soul!" JL - Atlanta, GA

Listening to Music

30 years ago I listened to a guided meditation and was hooked! From that point forward I began listening to, and training in, various meditation techniques. What I realized then was that being in that altered state, that meditative state, worked like a magical spell, helping me stay calmer, more focused, even more joyful.  Regular practice has been of significant benefit to my remaining clean and sober for 31 years!

Of course, that applies to the practice of the shamanic journey, as well.  For me, both walk hand in hand and sometimes are really the same. The Shamanic Journey is wisdom for YOUR path.  As Sandra Ingerman says, “It’s your path to direct revelation."

When I create a personalized guided mediation for YOU, it’s customized  based on YOUR specific needs, desires, wants, needs and preferences.  That means the intention and wording will include details meant to help you thrive!

It also means that you don’t have to search for something that “might” be a good fit for your life and your situation. You don’t have to fill in the blanks.  You simply need to sit back (or lay back) and listen, letting the words sink in. 

What might you want a personalized meditation for – anything!  Here are just a few examples:

  • Easing pain (this worked for me when I fractured my femur in 2019)

  • Enhancing your creativity

  • Falling asleep/insomnia

  • Starting the day with gratitude/connection/joy

  • Relaxing your mind and body

  • Becoming more mindful and compassionate

  • Recovery from addiction/loss/change

  • Lifting your mood

  • Eating and exercise change

  • Letting go of resentment

  • Building confidence

  • Forgiveness

  • Deepening connection to life/earth/soul

The list is really endless.  Whatever area in your life needs attention/change/focus can benefit from a personalized journey meditation.

For many of my clients, I include certain phrases or wording, like affirmations and their names.  Some clients even request that certain wording NOT be used. 

I have found that these types of meditations work like supercharging your brain. 


We start with a 20 minute laser focused guidance session - think of it like a coaching session.  We will dive into what your looking to shift, and what your expectation of me may be. What we discuss with help me fine tune your meditation and you'll get additional guidance and support. From there, I’ll begin to create your personal journey meditation.  

The meditation is generally delivered within 48 hours of our conversation in an mp3 format.  It's one that you can listen to over and over again, as often as you like.

Studies have shown that even as little as 5 minutes a day spent in a meditative or quiet state can have profound impact on many areas of your life and levels of your body/mind/soul. In our case, a daily journey meditation is our practice. 
Sara Lazar, Neuroscientist with Massachusetts General Hospital and Professor at Harvard Medical School, has studied the tremendous benefits of meditation and yoga.  Lazar says, "meditation can literally change your brain". Check out her Ted Talk here.
She adds, "if all you can do is just a little bit every day, that’s a good thing, too." 

Whether you have been meditating, journeying and practicing soul care for years or are new to the concepts, a meditation that is specifically created with you and your life, your soul, in mind has tremendous benefit, as it speaks soul-ly to you and your needs. 

Custom Journey/Meditation  Price: $150

If not previously arranged, once payment has been made you will receive an email or text 

to schedule a 20 minute consultation before creating the recording for you.

For more information on events and sessions 
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