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Shamanic Energy Session

Feeling stuck? Disconnected? 

We have the ability to heal ourselves when given the right tools.  Everything - every thing - is made up of energy. Energy clearing or energy healing, can be one of the tools that ignites the spark or supports  your own healing process. It is a wholistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks. Blocks come in various ways, depending on our experiences psychically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and on the soul level.  My practice is to help remove those blocks, activating your own inner guidance system for healing.

“Science shows us that everything is made up of energy. It's in the building block of all matter. The same energy that composes your body is also the one that makes up bricks of the house you live in. Your car, phone, animals, trees, you name it, are all composed of energy.”

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Shamanic Energy Clearing


Shamanic Energy Clearing bridges some of the most powerful ancient energy practices together to create a unique environment for healing on all levels.  These practices are available for anyone! As a an Energy Healing and Shamanic Practitioner it is my great honor to show up and share the tools I have learned to help you activate your own inner healer! My training is multi-cultural and diverse, allowing me to  connect with my own lineage and ancestry, as well as incorporate techniques from elders around the globe.


Shamanic practice is the oldest spiritual tradition – found as a basis for most religions. A shaman navigates between invisible and visible worlds for healing, messages, tracking and soul work. They work to bring restoration and harmony to individuals, animals, communities and the planet. Almost every culture includes some history of a Shaman, a person who interacts with both the physical and spiritual world. Typically, they connect with benevolent spirits and guides to assist in healing and ritual. The language may be different, yes.  The practice is similar cross the globe.


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese system of natural healing used in stress reduction and relaxation founded by Dr. Mikayo Usui.  ANYONE can use Reiki.  It is not a religion or a belief – it is a practice that uses universal – source/creations - energies to promote healing.  That universal energy is PURE LOVE! 

Additionally, I am certified in Pranic Healing Level 1 and Pranic Crystal Healing, and incorporate acupressure as a physical tool for removing blocks, when called for, sometimes even suggesting various yoga and movement techniques as tools for connecting and grounding.

Using your chakras and meridians as a map, I will work with helping spirits, what I call my Cosmic Council and animal spirits, to fill the voids, clearing energy blocks and restoring vitality. It could be on the physical, emotional, spiritual, or soul level.


The combination of Shamanic tools with other healing modalities works to remove those blocks or tracks and retrieves the soul pieces, simultaneously filling any void with pure, loving light energy.

Sessions are $150 and can be schedule by clicking the "Buy Now" button below.

I look forward to serving you with gratitude and love!

Session price: $150

Scheduling NOTE:  If you have not already scheduled your session, once payment is made you will receive a call from me or my assistant within 24 hours (on a normal business day) to schedule your session.  Again, I look forward to serving you. 

Thank YOU. Teri

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