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Soul Retrieval

From a shamanic perspective, anyone who's had a trauma, (which is everyone!) may have had some soul or spiritual essence loss. When this happens, you may experience anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, feelings of being disconnected and helplessness.  In shamanic journey I work with divine guides and spirit allies to track, retrieve and restore this loss, bringing more harmony and grace to your life. We also have a discussion on how to integrate this energy and essence into your life more deeply. 


Soul Retrieval

The Soul Retrieval is a process wherein the Shaman enters non ordinary reality, working with helping spirits, to locate and return the aspects of the soul that have been "left behind".  Every soul retrieval is different and in many cases individuals will need more than one soul retrieval.  


From the Shamanic perspective it is thought that the soul and parts of it are free to leave the body.  Generally, this happens during highly stressful and traumatic experiences:  loss of loved ones, death, accident or physical trauma, depression, lost memories, job loss, etc.   When the soul willingly returns to the body pieces may be left behind so to speak.  


To bring the soul or its essence back and to create inner harmony for the individual, the shaman performs a Soul Retrieval.  It is thought that every being on the planet needs at least one soul retrieval in their lifetime! The need for Soul Retrieval is more prevalent now than ever before in history.  Our lives are so fast paced and stress filled that we seem completely out of balance.  Why are so many people turning to alternative practices if this weren't the case?

As important as the soul retrieval is the integration process after the soul retrieval - giving the host body the right tools it needs to process the return of the pieces of its soul and soul essence.  Integration may be as simple as walking in nature or may include other healing modalities, even visiting a physician or other professional.


Each Soul Retrieval is as uniquely different as we are, as is the integration process.  They can be performed in person or remotely.  

In general, I create a sacred space to work in, using many different tools or symbols of our connection to creation, aligning myself with the Divine.  Once the space is ready, we have a conversation then I go into a shamanic journey.  I ask for guidance and assistance from source as well as our helping spirits.  


Once the soul retrieval is complete, I begin writing notes on what I witnessed in my journey and how I tracked and retrieved the soul parts, including what is suggested for the client's integration process.  This may be as simple as drinking more water, going for a walk in nature or taking a salt bath.  A celebration is encouraged as you move closer into wholeness.

Each Soul Retrieval session is $225 and can be purchased by clicking the Buy Now button below. Most sessions are at least 90 minutes.  Feel free to contact me via email - teri @ with any questions you may have. 

Bowing to you I thank you for being on the planet!

Session Price: $225

Scheduling NOTE:  If you have not already scheduled your session, once payment is made you will receive a call from me or my assistant within 24 hours (on a normal business day) to schedule your session.  I look forward to serving you.  Thank YOU.

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