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Meet Teri, Soul Advocate

Energy Healing Therapist  and Shamanic Practitioner 

Podcaster/YouTube, Circle Facilitator and lover of the Cosmos

Welcome to my world

My own quest for personal success, contentment and peace of mind began when I was very young, constantly trying new things and turning to the moon and nature for connection and escape.

Striving to do (and be) my best is one of my life tenets and begins with impeccable soul care - being "self-employed" - the job of taking care of ME first.

Much of my life I felt lost and alone. I didn't have a teacher or guide in this reality to take care of ME in a way that supported my soul. Maybe you can relate.  Maybe that's why you are connecting with me now! I learned the most from the moon, from the water, from the trees, from the animals! 


30 years ago, while becoming clean and sober, I was introduced to meditation and energy healing, which led me on a mission to learn ways of including both in my life, personally and professionally. Along the way, I began experiencing shifts and intuitive hits.  


A mentor suggested I investigate shamanic teachings. As I began to dig in, I realized I had been naturally walking the path of the shaman for as long as I could remember, through waking journeys or intentional daydreaming, as often as possible. 

Shamanic practice, as well as energy clearning,  are two of the oldest spiritual traditions – found as a basis for most religions. Both include a deep connection to nature and the comsos!

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Did I mention I love to drum?

Oh, did I mention drumming?  I LOVE drumming; for my body, mind and soul; drumming for you, drumming for the planet - alone, in sessions and in circle.  The sound of the drum is like the first sound we hear in the womb, the heartbeat of our human mother and the heartbeat of the universe, the cosmos.

Drumming seems to have been a part of every ancient culture around the globe.  They have been a part of my life since I was a child. The drum was the first insturment I played. Drumming is a very significant practice in most shamanic or mystical teachings. The first known drum circle, according to Wikipedia,  was in 5500 B.C. in China.  A drum circle is really any group of people gathered for the purpose of playing drums and percussions.  Although many include rhythmic dance, chanting, and other instruments. 

I include the drum in my sessions, and life, as much as possible through journeying, drum circles and drum healing sessions.  Several clients consistently asks for, "more drumming and more journeying".  

The drum brings us together while connecting us with our inner drum, our own heart beat!

Why Shamanic Healing?

What is a shaman?  A Shaman is a person who interacts with both the physical (seen) and spiritual (unseen) world. Typically, they connect with benevolent spirits and guides to assist in messages, healing, encouragement, tracking soul work, answer seeking and ritual. They work to restore harmony to individuals, working environments, homes, animals, communities, and the planet.


Almost every culture includes some history of a Shaman or medicine person. The titles may be different – the intentions are the same.  Aligning with nature and the spirit realm (the other side, non-ordinary reality) for assistance in this realm, the Earth realm and to honor THE SOUL. This is the foundation for everything I do in this life, today!

I didn't have a familial teacher growing up, an actual human who passed their ways on to me.  I had nature and the cosmos.  There wasn't someone to tell me that the visions and premonitions I had didn't mean I was crazy and making stuff up -  until I was 30 years old - when someone took me to what I call "the psychic church".  Then the need to learn and experience the ways of the mystic became almost an obsession with me!


As a Soul Advocate, my work is taking the best of what I've learned and sharing it with you in the hopes that you will find peace and

feel empowered in healing your own life on all levels, through practicing The Art of Impeccable Soul Care. 

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I learned that my ancestors were made up of witches, druids, Native Americans, priests and nuns, blacksmiths, farmers, and more. Plus, I found many earth teachers including Sandra Ingerman, Alberto Villolodo, Joan Wilcox, Christine Stevens, Jane Burns, Daniel Foor, Robin Rice, Perdita Finn, Puma Laura Day, Freddy Quispe, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, and of course, my own cosmic council! My greatest teachers are in my own backyard and the sky - The Universe is an amazing place that we are all part of – that we are all made up of! We are -Creation itself!

The teachings I have learned solidify my beliefs that: 

What we focus on multiplies and EVERYTHING is energy. How we flow through life depends on our own energy levels and connection to creation.

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