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Women's Journey Circles

Next circle August 2023 - with Teri Williams and Lisa Lorius
Weather permitting, we will be outside.
~ Are you feeling anxious?
~ Disconnected?
~ Lacking direction or motivation?


You are not alone!  We are at a time in our lives where the outside world seems disheveled, maybe even chaotic.  Women in particular, seem to be struggling to find their voice, to be seen and heard. Through the practice of the journey, we can find inner connection, strength and direction by connecting with benevolent souls, who ONLY want us to thrive and survive. I call them my "Cosmic Council". Everyone has the ability to connect in with these benevolent helpers!

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Women's Journey Circles


Women's gatherings have been around since the dawn of time.  Our ancestors knew that the support among our female friends was essential to a harmonious existence.  Our Women's Journey Circles are sacred gatherings for women where we cultivate a deeper relationship with our selves, while building a community of safety and trust with women who are seeking stronger bonds and energetic support.  

In a world where we see competition and comparison as the norm, in our circle we offer safety, non judgement, acceptance and LOVE! This month we will focus on our own ability to mother ourselves, giving ourselves the nurturing we may have needed as a child or young woman.  


Lisa and I are both experienced in shamanic medicine, therefore we incorporate the shamanic journeying as a form of meditation within each gathering.  The journey is an ancient form of, what I think of, as engaged meditation, practiced in communities around the globe. ANYONE CAN PRACTICE THE JOURNEY!


Almost every culture includes some history of a "Shaman" - one who walks between worlds. The language may be different - the message is the same - It offers the journeyer a path for their own insight, a path for direct revelation - guidance, healing, support, energy, connection - insight for YOU and YOUR soul's evolution!

We need communities that offer inner and outer support in a kind, compassionate way, facilitated by those whose only mission is to honor you, supporting your soul's growth. This is this circle.


This is what women need right now  - we are here to thrive!!


Click the "Buy Now button" below to register for the May Women's Journey Circle today!

These practices can ignite a deeper sense of wholeness and harmony within your own life that, by default, ripples out to your community - like the butterfly effect!

The circle topic is centered around connection, innocence and PLAYFULNESS!


What's included:

In this workshop you will practice a guided journey meditation and a gentle movement meditation designed to support you in nurturing your soul, honoring your soul self in a way that honors you, a way that includes more playfulness and innocence!

Weather permitting, we will hold the circle in the yard. Lisa and I will have free gifts for all who attend and I will have books available from the many guests I have interviewed on my podcasts and YouTube channel.


Lisa and I look forward to seeing you in July, 2023!

Women, we are here to thrive! 

You will receive the location address and additional details once you have registered.

Payment is non-refundable

  This is a LIVE event held in Pleasant Ridge, MI

Register TODAY!  I look forward to journeying with you!

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