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When practicing Shamanic Energy work and mindfulness teachings we are experiencing pure, loving energy that has the potential to assist us in healing our body, minds, spirits and souls!  

The foundation for everything I do in this life is based on shamanic teachings, including the shamanic journey.  Over the years I have found that supporting my self at the soul level is the key for being harmony with my inner self, my relationships and my community.  I call this Impeccable Soul Care and I share what I know through various programs and women's groups, online and in person.

And knowing the basics of energy work, beginning with Reiki, is a good place to start when wanting to shift the energetic essence of who you are.


It is my great honor to share with others how to incorporate a variety of  tools and to invite other teachers and practitioners into this space in service of humanity! In circle we are all teachers and students.  

Online Meditation

Impeccable Soul Care - Part 1

A six session on-line series for women 

in elevating your soul 

By incorporating simple practices, rituals and new habits into your life on a daily basis, you have the ability to elevate and uplift your soul, to be more in alignment with your true nature. These practices, ideas, or habits include two constant thoughts for every action:  We are creation itself therefore we are creative and What you focus on multiplies. 


Once payment has been made you will receive an email with 

complete details including the Zoom links for the six week series

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Impeccable Soul Care Part 2

A follow up six  on-line session for women in caring for your soul 

This is Part 2 of the Impeccable Soul Care Series for Women.  In these sessions I share what I know -  in this moment - to work with in caring for my soul self. 

We work with teachings from different cultures, on all levels -  the physical, emotional, spiritual, and soul level.  The combination of Shamanic tools with other stress relieving modalities works to bring us a deeper sense of inner harmony, which creates a deeper connection to all life.


Once payment has been made you will receive an email with 

complete details including the Zoom links for the six week series

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FREE Shamanic Journey Practice

A 30-day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey

Practice from the comfort of your own home 

The Shamanic Journey Practice – 30 Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey is an online program that includes what a journey is, how long to journey for and immediate access to 30 guided video prompts. The course also includes 4 drumming and 4 music MP3's.  Journey once a day for 30 days or create your own schedule based upon your own comfort level.

Journey for 30 days - FREE!

Enroll For FREE

"’Shamanic Journey Practice' is a fabulous and easy to follow book and course filled with a wealth of journeys that will help you to find healing and live a soul filled life full of love and joy. Teri Williams did a brilliant job in sharing how the ancient practice of shamanism and direct revelation can bring us in touch with the wisdom, unconditional love, and healing available in the unseen realms."

Sandra Ingerman, MA author of The Book of Ceremony,,  Soul Retrieval and Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life

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Learn Reiki from Home

Complete Certification Home Study Course


This Learn Reiki From Home - Certified Home Study Course is built around the original concepts founded by Reiki Master Dr. Mikayo Usui almost 100 years ago. The course includes over 200 pages of text, full color images and step by step instructions to begin utilizing the holistic healing energies of Reiki, TODAY!!!!

Once payment has been made you will be redriected to the Learn Reiki From Home course page.  You will also receive an email with complete details including links for the six week to the course page. 

I love Teri’s workshops.  She is so easy going, authentic and insightful.  I’ve taken every program she offered and seen her many, many times in private practice.  She shares the things that work in her life in a way that I can totally relate to. Do  yourself a favor and take them all then book your sessions.  Well worth every penny! JL, Rochester Hills, MI

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