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Resources to support your SOUL!

Here you will find links to resources that I have created and offerings from those whose work I support and recommend.  If it's here, I have either taken the course, read the book, or experience it myself.  There is something for everyone, no matter where you are on the spiritual path!

When you purchase through some of the links below, I may earn an affiliate commission. So I thank you in advance for checking them out.  Most do offer a FREE intro before you buy the courses.  Again, I have taken many of these courses and have worked with their creators outside of the links on this page.

Something for everyone!

Shamanic Journey ~ Dreamwork ~ Drumming ~ Plant Medicine ~ Chakra Alignment 

Chanting ~ Awakening ~ Mediumship ~ NDE ~ Flute and Sound Healing

Self Love ~ Intuition ~ Goddess Liberation ~ Shamanism

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Affiliate Products and Partnerships

Excited to be offering these affiliate products and partnership programs with all of you!

Take Back the Magic
by Perdita Finn
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Remo Fiberskyn HD-8501-03 Frame Drums, 3-Piece Pack, 8", 10", 12"

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